Thursday 23 June 2011

Murphy's Seal of Approval

We have been having some weight problems recently, as the paddock is way too small for three thoroughbreds and two ponies we don’t have much grass, so obviously we are having to supplement their diet. We are doing this with haylage, but not too long ago the haylage got rained on, now I don’t know but it seemed to take a lot of the goodness out of the haylage and the equines were losing weight, NOT ACCEPTABLE!

So today our trusty supplier has delivered a wonderful new bale of haylage, so fresh, so green, so yummy, or was it?

So here is a close up of the delightful haylage, now that does look good right, but first of all our number one haylage critic had to test it.

And here he is, does it get the seal of approval? Is it the best of the best? I handed Murphy a piece over the fence, but was it good enough?

Well yes of course it was, so it was time to start dishing it out to the expectant equines, it has gone down very well they all love it so I am happy. Murphy can sometimes be a bit odd about haylage and doesn’t like some of it, but not this stuff he has been pigging out with all the others.

So I am hoping to see an improvement in weight, but I can see Murphy getting very fat very quickly, so I will have to watch him, but it won’t hurt any of them to put a bit more on, and with this new yummy haylage I am sure they will be doing just that.

Thank you all very much for your comments on my last post.

Sherri, no it’s not easy seeing them in a mess, but it was good of you to give your chickens some of your back yard, I hope we can get another paddock sorted out before winter that way we won’t have such a mud problem.

Juliette, I wouldn’t worry about them, if they are bad for your horses they won’t eat them, I hear that thistles are even used in some equine care products so I don’t think you have anything to worry about, you could just cut a small amount down and if they eat them go ahead and prepare them some more, I am sure they’ll enjoy something different.

allhorsestuff, its always nice to see horses trying out stuff just so long as it’s good for them, I was just wondering does your mare eat them uncut? Or do you cut some up for her?

Abby, yes I think we will have to discus it all with the farrier and see if he can get it done, he seems like a very patient farrier so it should be ok. Tipper was pretty good about having his front feet picked up today so that was quite encouraging, I hope he is the same tomorrow. Yep they do love them some prickly treats. I would really like to have a grey or maybe white horse one day, but just by looking after Pip I know how much trouble it would be keeping one clean, so you have my sympathies and good luck with keeping Spotty clean.


Sherri B. said...

I have a feeling that Murphy may know when the haylage is not quite up to par...maybe it looks alright to us humans but Murphy can tell if it is a bit 'off' with his fine mouth.

RDA Pony Tales said...

That does look like nice haylage and the horses and ponies seem to be enjoying it too. I also think it is easier to manage their weight with haylage. We have had to put some of the ponies in starvation paddocks as they have laminitis. And Spotty is getting a bit fat too so he needs an eye keeping on him.
That dark cloud looked like it was full of rain!

Mary said...

I am happy that Murphy found the hay to be up to his satifaction. I'm sure they will get the weight back on in no time. I love that photo of the dark skies, very interesting. You have some lovely horses!

Debi said...

Our horses get a little hay too. We had to really watch them on the fresh grass going out only a few hours a day in the spring. My pastures are laminitis green. We supplement with a little grain in the mornings and evenings. That might help a little with the weight issue.

Autumn Mist said...

We are having the same problem. As we've had so little rain, the grass isn't growing much in the horse's field, but then it does rain just when we want to cut the hay in the next field. As soon as it's cut the horses can go on it, but we are putting a bale of hay out for them every day. It's difficult with a skinny TB we are trying to keep weight on, and a cob that we are tryingn to keep weight off. You can't win, can you?

KK said...

I had a problem with having 2 horses in the same paddock while feeding..can't EVEN imagine more!
Mine will eat up any and all grain stuffs within a nose pull of the feed bucket...even if she gets bit and kicked...she will keep trying for is terrible, she loves to eat and harm comes to her either way!I have toi separate her for meals..I am severly wondering about her weight this Private barn owners are a bit carefree with how it all goes for others horses on thoier property..I am so sad too..thought it would be professional there, with the concern for my horse before I had to say things because of knowledge(they may have). we shall see.The bully/lead/horse in the herd always gets the what I have seen to date as fact. Sometimes they share and sometimes there is injury running off someone who needs the feed themselves and stands thier ground- to keep it.

Thistles...well, my mare delicately will eat the tops off..sometimes go for more after those are is super cute to watch.

KK said...

PS..I am haing a problem with commenting the Imbedded comments over the "Pop UP" page form for commenting...most of us in the states have changed to the Pop-up version and now can comment on each others blogs...I could only comment today here...with the open id URL form..I am unable to comment on Abby's blog at all..please tell her, I am unable to.
Thanks for that Edward!