Wednesday 29 June 2011

The Storms Aftermath

Well it wasn’t going to last was it, not really, sadly a clean horse is only a short lasted sight, and now they are all muddy, here’s Madeline at least she hasn’t got it all in her mane.

Oh and here is Niko looking surprisingly clean.

And then you look at his other side, not so clean he normally rolls on both sides and rubs his face in the mud, so I was quite surprised to see he had only rolled on just the one side, still I am not complaining less work for me.

Pip did a good job keeping him self dirt free, he has a little bit of mud on him but nothing that will take long to get off.

Then we have Murphy, not as muddy as I thought he’d be. You can probably see his feet need a trim we are going to try and have him done at the same time as Tipper, but he has never had his feet done that we know of, so it should be interesting.

Tipper’s nice shiny coat covered in mud and dust, oh well so all in all I have a lot of grooming to do, and I didn’t get any done today, so I will have a whole load of grooming to do tomorrow before I can ride.

Thanks for all your nice comments on my last post.

Sherri, I do love to see them looking shiny, and yes it was the blog you linked me to before, and I have been following it ever since thank you for giving me the link in the first place it has proven to be a very nice blog, I did also see the boots they are very nice makes me want to get some for Murphy, for when I take him out on the roads with me.

Abby, no it isn’t anything to do with your eyesight, you are seeing him clearly, he is the most furry pony EVER! I just can’t seem to make him lose his winter coat every one else’s has nearly all gone Murphy has a bit, but I can’t get Pip’s winter coat out if you have any tips on how to I would be happy to hear them. I much prefer equines in summer coat and I have never seen Pip in his, so I really want to get it out, but he just won’t lose it. Oh and as for Tipper we have had a chat over the phone with the farrier and they are sending someone to try and do Tipper, they know what he’s like and if he gets too stressed they say it’s best just to let the shoe fall off by itself.

Debi, yes I do spend quite some time grooming, but I do like to groom, it’s nice to stand back and see them all clean. Who is the one that gives you trouble with their feet, all your horse seem like such well behaved chaps. I hope the rain helps your grass, our grass has shot up over night with the rain, but it doesn’t last with us having so many equines in such a little paddock.

Mary, I do like Shetlands very sweet, my childhood pet was a big black Labrador he was a nice chap, I didn’t grow up with horses I haven’t even been into them for that long it’s been about two years now since I got into horses. Yes we may have to trim them for the winter, but if I can keep them clean with out doing so I would be much happier.

Ted and Bunny, yes some days I wish they didn’t roll in the mud and the dust, then I could just do all the other stuff like pull their manes and stuff like that. I think I need to sort out Niko’s tail it is so bushy at the top and is starting to look a bit silly.

Kritter Keeper, I don’t think I have seen your ponies before, I hope they were better about having a bath than Murphy I have to lead him around after he has had one to stop him rolling in the dirt.


jane augenstein said...

Horses+mud=some happy dirty horses! I always wonder why, oh, why do they love to roll in the mud? Pokey, my donkey is the worst one, he LOVES mud or dry dirt, I should have called him Pig Pen! Surprisingly Gilly has stayed pretty clean of late, knock on wood! I think they do it so we have something to do! ;-)

Sherri B. said...

Well, maybe by tomorrow they will be dry and then you can just brush them, that would be nice. Maybe Pip should get an extra treat for keeping so clean..good Pip!!

Mary said...

I was wondering how tall is Pip? I am glad he didn't get to dirty this time...Have you thought about giving him a body clip to help rid him of his winter coat? I've never done it and I'm sure there is an art to it, just wondering. Tipper is looking so much better than when you first brought him home, he's flling out nicely. I was reading your older posts here, catching up.

RDA Pony Tales said...

Keeping horses is such hard work, there is always something to do. Sadly due to all the rain, extra grooming is another task! With regards to Pips furry coat, just keep doing what you have been by giving him a bath on a warm day and rubbing him down with a towel. When he has dried off, work the rubber curry comb in circles against the hair growth and that will help with getting his winter coat out. I really hope we get some more settled weather so that we can all enjoy clean horses!
Glad to read you have someone to come and look at Tippers feet, hope everything goes ok with the shoeing. Abby

RDA Pony Tales said...

Hi Edward, just to say that if you look on my sidebar, there is a blog called "Where Beechmast Falls". The post has some wonderful pictures of New Forest Ponies. Thought you may like a peek :) Abby

charh said...

Hi im so pleased to see how well murphey junior is doing with you and that he is happy and loved! You have done so well with him cant belive how far he has come on since he was with me! Well done and thank you for giving him a lovely home! :) charlotte

charh said...

Hi again i forgot to say with your pony pip have you been using a shedding brush? i love mine and wouldnt be without it lol its great our mini shetland still has a huge coat but the shedding brush really helps :)

Edward said...

Hi every one and thanks for your comments.

Jane, yes knock wood indeed it’s always nice when they stop being quite so dirty for a bit.

Sherri, it was all going so well today they had dried off nicely and the mud was coming off well, and then it went and rained, I am guessing they will be all muddy again tomorrow.

Mary, I haven’t checked his height recently so I am not really sure, he is only a yearling so he still has quite a lot of growing to do, next time we check his height I will let you know how big he is. I too have never given a horse a body clip and so I haven’t really got any idea of how to do it. Yes Tipper is filling out nicely thanks.

Abby, thanks for the tip on getting out Pip’s winter coat. Oh it will be so nice when the weather does settle down a bit, it’s so hard to keep them clean with all this rain. Oh and I checked out the blog you told me about they are some very beautiful ponies, I am now following the blog, thanks for telling me about it.

Charlotte, hello nice to hear from you again, Murphy is very talented, he jumps in hand. Definitely a best buy, thank you so much. How are your lot doing well I hope? I didn’t see a Shetland when we came to get Murphy is he or she new? Yes I too have a shedding blade it really is good and has helped a lot with Pip’s coat. And again very nice to hear from you and thanks for following my blog.

charh said...

Hi no we didnt have the mini shetland when murphey was with us he came in december for my little boys christmas and birthday pressie. Mine are all well thanks! Murphey is looking lovely will you show him do you think? :)

Edward said...

Charlotte, I wanted to show Murphy at the long Sutton show, but he still had winter coat on his belly, so maybe we will show him later in the year or maybe just next year but yes we do want to show him, because as you know he does move nicely and is such a nice little guy.