Wednesday 14 September 2011

Niko in Boots!

These are Niko’s old Rhinegold tendon boots complete with fur but as you can see they have buckles instead of Velcro, not always a bad thing but they can be hard to fit so that they are not too tight but at the same time not going to slip and for everyday use it is a lot of trouble.

So I have purchased a full set of John Whitaker International tendon boots they are easy to put on with no slipping down and at the same time hard to put on too tight because they are Velcro. I also quite like the blue, I was hoping for white but they were out of stock.

Maybe we will be able to get Madeline a set in white but for now blue. They are pretty dirty in the photos as I have used them in mud and haven’t wiped them down yet, that is also one more plus they aren’t leather, as I am sure you can see, so don’t need as much care.

All in all a nice easy to use set of tendon boots that do the job well. I also bought a set of John Whitaker International bandages they are white and very nice but the boots are a lot easier to use as I haven’t used bandages before.


allhorsestuff said...

Cool leg boots! I like the blue( one of my signature colors) shit is always my fav for the boots- so Sharp!

Are they polo wraps, your bandages?

allhorsestuff said...

If they are, my sisters tip for leg health is: always tighten the wrap against the front bone, while pulling toward the.back. never pull it tight while coming forwards, and against the tendons.

RDA Pony Tales said...

So glad you found the websites I mentioned helpful. I will look forward to reading how you get on with Tipper.
Sorry I forgot to read your reply on your previous post.... I had some work experience when I was a teenager with a race horse trainer, so that is how I met Rummy :)
When I was young they had not made the velcro fasteners, so it was bandages and buckles for everything. As allhorsestuff commented, care must be taken when putting on bandages, but the velcro makes life much easier :) The white looks great, but does not stay that colour long... blue is still smart.

Sherri B. said...

Those tendon boots are very stylish and look much more comfortable than the ones with the buckles.

AC Quigley said...

I have velcro fastening tendon boots and they are great when I need to get ready quickly. if not I like to use bandages. If your horse doesn't shuffle a lot you can practise on him, but do it a few times to really get it right as badly wound bandages can damage the tendons. There are also loads of great colours now for bandages - and then you can also get a matching saddle blanket!

Edward said...

Thank you all for leaving comments and for the tips and advice it is much appreciated.