Wednesday 7 September 2011

Tipper Turnout Rug

Recently I brought a load of new horsey stuff including Tipper’s turnout rug. So I don’t have one horribly long post I am going to have to split up lots of the things I have bought and have been doing into different posts. His new rug is from Rhinegold and I quite like it.

So here it is his new rug, at the moment the rug is cleaner than the horse, the rug is a great fit for Tipper and is a pretty warm rug too, it isn’t as fancy as Niko’s Rhinegold rug but if it gets to cold we can always double rug.

The rug has this great tartan padding on the inside, it is nice and soft and really builds heat always a good thing, the rug doesn’t have the tartan padding at the front so I think that must be to do with preventing rubbing on the shoulders.

The rug also, like most turn out rugs, has a fake sheepskin wither pad with a ring to attach a neck cover, I do have a matching neck cover that is made to go with the rug, complete with tartan padding on the inside, but I haven’t tried it on him yet so have no photos of it, I hope it fits.

I have also had another lesson today we worked on lot of stuff as always but especially improving my turns and working on keeping the horse straighter. Also my instructor will be coming to ride Niko tomorrow, they will ride him for a bit and then they will teach me on him for a bit, it should be interesting and it will be nice to see what dressage Niko can do with a more competent rider on board.

Also blogger isn’t always updating your blogs on my dashboard so sorry to those of you if I keep missing your posts.


Sherri B. said...

Love the new 'outfits' for the horses and the tartan accent is the best!

I had a strange thing happen with my dashboard yesterday. I happend to scroll back to earlier posts in the day and found a bunch of blogs that had posted like nine hours earlier...problem is, they weren't there before! Who knows what was up with that.

So good to hear that your lessons are going well.

To answer your question about my husband having a he doesn't, the poor guy works too much to be able to keep up with that.

RDA Pony Tales said...

That is a really lovely smart new rug. I like the tartan too. I should mention that Spotty wore the neck cover on his rug all the time we had the bad weather last winter. It really rubbed his mane and made a real mess of it. So much that his mane still has not grown back properly. Will you be bringing the horses in at night during winter? If so then you won't need the neck cover at night so their manes should be ok. I hope you don't mind me mentioning about it.
It will be interesting to read how the instructor gets on with Niko. Sounds like your lessons are going really well which is good news. Abby

Daisy said...

Wow- LOVE the rug!!
Also - enjoy hearing about your lessons. Will be eager to hear how your Instructor's ride goes on Niko!

Margaret said...

He will be cozy this winter. What I can't believe is how expensive all this stuff is. My wish list is growing :) I see my blog on your margin and I updated it a while back... and you're correct. It doesn't show my new post. Hmmm. Gotta love computers.. ;P Have fun watching the instructors ride your horse... I LOVE when that happens. I rode bareback the past couple of days and loved it... that's the way I used to ride when I was "young" but I did order a bareback pad (more $). But I can't wait to get the girth for my dressage saddle and start lessons...

Mary said...

Blogger has a mindof it's own I think. I love the rug! It looks very nice and cozy. It will be fun to see how Niko does with someone else on his back. I used to love watching my horse work with someone else riding him, I learned a lot from that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Edward, I can't believe it's y that time of year again when we are thinking of winter and rugs. Following on from Abby's comment, my old pony has a full neck cover which also rubbed her mane and has never grown back properly. It's not a problem as she is retired but it is something to bear in mind if you wanted to show him and needed to plait him up. Glad your lessons are going well :) Hannah

allhorsestuff said...

Very smart purchases! Love the Tartan ad well. Are these waterproof rugs?

Excellent about Nino having your instructor, instruct him , then onto you. He will better understand how to do so after his'll start to train Niko correctly, then, according to his needs.

Edward said...

Thank you all very much for your comments and I am glad you liked the rug.

Sherri, in a way good to know its not just me, in another way what a bummer, seems there is always something up with Blogger, still on the bright side at least it isn’t anything blog destroying.

Abby, of cause I don’t mind you mentioning I would rather people spoke their mind on my blog than only spoke about things they liked, remember comments don’t always have to be nice :) thanks for the heads up as I had no idea, the horses will probably come in some nights but maybe not all so I will have to be careful with the neck cover.

Deanna, sorry about no news on the ride with Niko but hopefully I will have news in my next post, fingers crossed, and I will let you know all about it.

Margaret, yes it is all so very expensive I see so many lovely horsey things and then I look at the price which is not so lovely, my wish list keeps growing, one of my family members keeps telling me to do a post of my wish list but I say it would be too long. Very exciting starting your dressage lessons soon, will you have to go far for the lessons or is there someone near that can teach you? Anyway good luck.

Mary, yep he sure will be cozy. I too like to see other people ride my horse it can be very interesting, I do hope to learn a bit from seeing my instructor ride Niko if anything at least I will be able to see what he can do.

Hannah, time flies when your having fun doesn’t it, it’s a shame really that it’s coming to winter as we still have so much to do that I would have preferred to do in summer best I get a move on. Thanks to you and Abby for letting me know about the neck cover it is much appreciated.

KK, yes they are waterproof rugs all the turnout rugs I have brought so far have been waterproof probably best that way. It will be good to have my instructor ride Niko but it looks like I am going to have to wait a bit longer than I had hoped.