Thursday 19 May 2011

A Clear Paddock

I have just recently finished clearing the big paddock of weeds, and as you can see the horses and ponies have eaten most of the weeds I cut down, but now you can see just how little grass there is, oh well at least they have plenty of haylage.

Here is what we are using to clear the weeds now as the shears are quite slow, so we use this now it is pretty good at cutting down the stinging nettles, but it does sometimes have a bit of trouble with older nettles, and the cow parsley.

Still it is great for clearing the weeds near and under the fence, it comes with a pack of little plastic blades, you attach just one on to the strimmer and you are good to go, sadly it’s only meant for use on grass so the blades can break easily if they hit a thick stalk.

It doesn’t have a very long charge so I can only do a little bit every day, because we have no where to charge it where the horses and ponies are, anyway I am quite happy with it and it is making clearing the paddocks much quicker, so that is always good.

Thank you for your comments on my last post.

Sherri, yes most of the fur goes quite quickly, there are so many birds here that we don’t have to worry about the fur laying around.


RDA Pony Tales said...

What a big job to do but that is a brilliant device. Well done. Abby (a short comment as I ramble on too much!)

Sherri B. said...

We use a weedeater, it has plastic string and does a pretty good job of it (actually my husband uses it). Your machine seems to do a good job for what you need and sure is better than having to use shears.

Anonymous said...

It's quite alot of work at this time of year keeping the weeds under control isn't it! Our weeds grow up an touch the electric fence which then earths it and then the horses go through it if we're not careful. It's anoying how they will grow without any rain but not the grass (although I have to keep Misty off the grass anyway as she's such a piggy)! Have a good weekend. Hannah.

C and C Antiques and Animals - What a Life! said...

Nice to have a clean paddock! And thanks for your kind words you posted on my blog about Eclipse.