Tuesday 28 June 2011

Sunny Days

We have had two very hot days in a row now, here are some photos of the horses and ponies, here is Murphy having a drink, nice fresh water, he already had water in the paddock, but I guess he prefers a fresh drink.

And here is Niko enjoying the last few bits of haylage with Tipper, he is a little on the thin side but gets fatter every day now with a big feed and the nice new haylage, he is looking nice and shiny too, I just wish it was easier to keep them shiny and clean.

Here is Pip relaxing in the sun, he loves to lie down and soak up the sunshine.

And of course have a cuddle I love lying with the horses and ponies, only on a sunny day, they can be just like dogs. I remember when I was a lot younger we had two huge wolfhounds, well I was small so they looked huge, it was nice lying with them. I did so love those dogs, but anyway enough reminiscing, on with the post.

So here is Madeline falling asleep with food in her mouth, she’s not as shiny as the others because when I took this photo I hadn’t finished grooming her, I did in the end get her looking as shiny as the others, but our camera doesn’t take very good photos in lowlight so I don’t have one of her clean.

Here is Tipper, he is now starting to get over his problem with picking his feet up, the other day I was able to pick up his feet with no help, but now his shoe has come off.

Here’s his shoe, he came over to see us and when I was making a fuss of him I noticed that it had come off, so I went off to hunt for it, as you can see I did find it in the end. We have called the farrier but haven’t been able get a reply yet so we will just have to wait, on the bright side his foot is looking a lot better and the mark is growing out quite well.

And one more of Murphy to let you see his shine, I think he looks the best but he is getting to the point of being fat now so we are going to have to do something about that. All these sunny photos are from yesterday, and today it is pouring down and there is lightning and thunder, still I guess that’s British weather, I will probably be doing a post about today but I wanted to use these sunny photos.

Thank you all so much for the comments on my last post, I am sorry about taking a while to comment on your blogs, but I hadn’t had enough time to blog the last few days.

Mary, Pip is very cute, his furry, also known as feathered, legs are nice but I’ve got to say I don’t look forward to trying to keep them clean in the winter with all that mud, maybe we will have to get him paddock boots.

Sherri, yes he has lovely clean teeth, but he has still got two baby teeth, I am not completely sure but I think that they should have come out by now, so we are just waiting to see if they come out or if we are going to have to get the equine dentist to take them out, they don’t cause him any discomfort so all is well for now.

Abby, yep it is so much better to be able to put them in a stable with no problems, Pip is coming along nicely he is very sweet about most stuff and boxing him was the only real problem so it is nice that he has got used to it now.

Kritter Keeper, they are quite nice, but we have a problem - the doors have dropped and are proving hard to open, this hasn’t happened to all the boxes luckily, so Pip can still enjoy the comfort of a box.

Ted and Bunny, thanks for commenting, and yes Pip sure is a sweetie. Glad to hear that your horse Bruce is now happy to be out.

Tammy, thank you for stopping by, hope you enjoy my blog.


Sherri B. said...

The horses do look so pretty nad shiny! I love that you lay down with the horses...don't they look so sweet laying there...like they would never do anything wrong, hahaha!

I don't remember if this is the blog with horses that I linked you to before but here is one where they just got one of there horses new 'boots' I think you'll get a kick out of it. http://russ-stickacres.blogspot.com/2011/06/bucks-new-boots.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Our40TheSimpleLifeAtRuss-stickAcres+%28Our+40+%7E+The+Simple+Life+at+Russ-Stick+Acres%29 Wow, that is a long link, I hope it works, let me know if it doesn't and I will give you something else.

RDA Pony Tales said...

How lovely to see the sunshine on their glossy coats. Pip looks like he still has a fairly thick coat?... or is it my failing eyesight! Anyway, he looks just as adorable asleep as he does awake :)
Hope you get Tippers shoes sorted now he is picking his feet up ok.

Debi said...

Murphy really does have a glistening coat. He looks so pretty in the sunshine. You must do a lot of grooming. And Tipper losing his shoe. I know how it is trying to get the farrier to come. Seems it always happens just when you're getting to ride or go somewhere. Glad he's picking up his feet. We have one that causes my back to break trying to get that foot up. I know they're loving that hay. We have rain now too for the past 2 days, but we need it so bad. Look out muddy horses!!! Debi

Mary said...

I guess I am partial to Pip, I had a black and white shetland growing up, my best friend. All of your horses are very nice! Is it possible in winter to trim up Pips feathers, he would lose some of his charm but it might be a bit easier on you.

ted and bunny said...

hi- thanks for replying with such a lovely comment on my blog.

What a great grooming job you do- if they didn't roll in the dust in the summer and the mud in the winter things would be such a lot easier wouldn't they!

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

i love the pony lying down. i would lay down with jessie but i fear blue would not want me doing that to him...lol. your babies look good. just gave my piggy ponies a bath last night.

allhorsestuff said...

Oh I just COO'd when I saw your hand on pip's face while he rested! Too adorable! They all look great Edward...

Yes we too are having the on and off again summer here in Oregon.
Thought of your Tipper, as I rode out to a big forest..there are huge,beautiful red Hawks nesting. They have such a majestic call.

Hope it clears for you to have a nice hack soon! When I go out for mine...you are right there in thought too!