Friday 26 August 2011

A Nice New Rug

Here’s Tipper in his nice new stable rug, when we brought Tipper he didn’t come with any tack or rugs so he has been borrowing spare rugs from the other horses, but now the time has come to start getting him his own rugs, starting with this lovely new rug.

I still need to get him a turn out rug of his own, I have seen one I want but I just need to get around to ordering it. I was really happy with this winter stable rug as it is suitable for use in the dead of winter, meaning it’s very warm, most rugs like this are very expensive, but we got this one for a very low price indeed, just one more plus.

In other news I had my lesson as planned, I rode a lovely warm blood called Spike, I had a lot of fun and felt that it had helped a lot, the coach was very nice and helpful, plus they had a microphone so I could hear all they were saying loud and clear, so I was very happy with it all and have booked another one for next week.


Michelle said...

Tipper looks mighty handsome in his new rug. He will be snug and warm come winter. In the states, we call these "blankets." Isn't it funny how the same things gets a different name, even in another english speaking country? I am mostly English, with my grandma and grandpa born in England. I enjoy your posts very much.

RDA Pony Tales said...

That is a lovely looking rug and Tipper looks very smart in it too. Glad your lesson went well and you enjoyed riding a different horse. I always think riding different mounts makes a good all round rider... well, in my opinion anyway :)
Have a great weekend, Abby

Sherri B. said...

I agree with Michelle, Tipper looks very handsome in his new rug...but I think he knows that anyway!

So glad to hear your lesson went well.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mary said...

That looks like a very cozy blanket. that should do the trick nicely for him. I am happy you had a nice lesson, that is always a plus when you can actually hear the instructor too.

allhorsestuff said...

OOOU! Love the quilted look of that one on him! And , it appears to be my favorite Subtle, of course.
Please do tell me where it was purchased(either here or at my place).

The Blue color is fabulous on are such a good horseman!
And A riding coach session(s) awesome Ed!!! I am enjoying catching up with you. Do tell more of Spike and you lesson~

Edward said...

Thank you all for the comments and I am glad you all liked the rug/blanket.

Michelle, I am glad you enjoy reading my posts and yes it is funny how we call thing different names.

Abby, yes I think you are right lots of different mounts makes for a good rider.

Sherri, glad you like Tippers new look and yes I am sure he does know that.

Mary, yup I am sure hoping it will do the trick he really does have thin skin so let’s hope it keeps him warm.

KK, I brought the rug from but I don’t know if they will deliver it to the USA, if the address doesn’t work or you need help finding the rug let me know.