Friday 5 August 2011

Sound as a Pound

Niko is now fully recovered, and I have ridden him today he was very good and went very well so he’s back to his normal sound self, you can see in this photo him making good use of his soundness, as he makes his escape from the jaws of Madeline.

Also Pip’s bum is healing quite well, the fur isn’t back yet but I wouldn’t expect it to be. Here’s a photo of him, taking a look for himself to see how it is healing, poor little chap, still I am sure he will get better at avoiding the bites.

All the horses and ponies have been enjoying the mud that was left behind from the rain, I have managed to clean a lot of it off of them but they are still far from clean, it’s mostly their manes that are dirty, but on the bright side they did have a lot of fun rolling.

And I just had to use this photo, take a look at Tipper’s nose, now that’s flexibility! It always amazes me the stuff they can do with their noses. Anyway that’s all from me for now I am just happy that Niko is sound again.


Sherri B. said...

So glad that Niko is better today. All of the horses seem to be feeling their oats today, it is a happy sight even if they are getting muddy!

Have a great weekend.

Debi said...

Happy Niko is sound now. I know you feel better about that. We lost a shoe this week and had the farrier come back out. Its just so darn dry. Anywho, looks like you have happy horses now. Let's all keep our fingers crossed they stay that way - mine and yours.

Edward said...

Thanks for the comments.

Sherri, you know when I first got ideas about having a horse I had no knowledge of their rolling habits, I thought they were quite clean animals, ha how wrong I was, but it’s all good as long as they are having fun.

Debi, yes I am so much happier than I was now Niko is sound again, a lame horse can be very depressing. Oh it is such a pain when they lose a shoe, Niko used to lose his lots but not so much now which I am thankful for. Yes let’s hope for happy horses, I would think your horses are always happy the look to live very charmed lives, just the way it should be.

allhorsestuff said...

Hi again....catching up..mine last a shoe last week...but its not hindering her much, Just a sleight height diff.
I like the co- polymer shoes for the way they allow the hoof to flex and have complete circulation. No lameness, but I do have to boot her when on larger rocks.

Happy he's sound for you again...Madeline sure takes her toll...mine makes gestures, and they are ugly enough, horses move from her!