Friday 9 September 2011

I Can’t Think Of a Title for This Post

Sadly due to unforeseen circumstances my instructor couldn’t make it, and believe me when I say unforeseen. So I will just show you some more of the things I bought. Here is Niko’s nice new Bartl girth sleeve, it really is nice, it’s so soft, it is quite warm which is perhaps not so good but come to think of it I did go out on a hack and did a lot of cantering and there was no sweat on Niko’s girth area, anyway I was happy with it.

And I brought this Bartl noseband cover which is very soft, I got both of these in black as they didn’t have the girth sleeve in natural where I was buying them and I wanted a matching set. I was very happy with the noseband cover as well, I had a noseband cover before which was good but I wanted a Bartl one after having used one of their grooming mitts because I realized just how soft Bartl sheepskin products are.

I also brought this new numnah not as interesting as the Bartl stuff but still nice, I like its piped edges.

I really like that it has Velcro straps, I have only used numnahs with straps that you have to slip the leather into before and I found the Velcro straps were easy to use and allowed more freedom, I could adjust the straps so that the numnah sat well on his back but was also very secure.

I still have a few more things to show you all but that will have to wait for another post.

In news regarding my instructor and my lessons I will if all goes well be having my lesson tomorrow and they will be riding Niko as well, like we arranged before. Then afterwards my instructor will take me back to their yard and they will ride Spike and then show me how they get there horses ready for shows, so let’s hope nothing else goes wrong but you never can tell so I will just have to wait and see.


RDA Pony Tales said...

I have a Bartl girth sleeve for Spotty. He had the start of girth galls last year due to the grooms not cleaning the mud off him properly before tacking up. It was happening all the time when I was not there... I was VERY cross! The sores cleared up very quickly once I put the sleeve on, it is a fantastic product.
Niko reminds me of Red Rum in his sheepskin noseband. He was before your time, but you may have heard of him. Anyway, I had the pleasure of leading him and he was the most magnificent horse I have ever laid eyes on.... apart from Spotty of course! :)
Sorry you missed your lesson, but hope all goes well tomorrow if it goes ahead. Abby

Mary said...

Niko looks so nice in his new gear! It looks like it will be very comfortable for him. I hope your lessons go as planned for tommomrrow.

Sherri B. said...

The nose band is so cute!! I also liked the title of your honest. I do hope you get your lesson tomorrow as it sounds very interesting.

Julie K said...

I love the fuzzy nose band. There's something about a huge animal in fluffy fleece. :)

Margaret said...

Well, your horse is all decked out (LOVE the piping) ... I hope you are turned out as nicely! :)

Carol said...

Nice stuff!
Thanks for introducing me to your blog. I'll be interested in watching your progress.

AC Quigley said...

Niko looks fantastic in his new gear! I use a girth cover (not as furry as Niko's though!) to avoid rubbing and it's always worked for me. I love getting new stuff for my horse too - I recently got him a new purple saddle blanket and matching polo bandages, gorgeous!

Debi said...

You're getting way to fancy for us, Edward. Are you getting ready to do some shows? Niko is really sharp looking in his new stuff. I love the saddle pad and the pipping around it. Hate you didn't get your lesson, but hopefully the reschedule was good.

Edward said...

Thanks for the comments every one.

Abby I can understand why you would be cross, how very thoughtless of the grooms glad the sleeve worked, luckily Niko’s sleeve is just for show as I quite like all that sort of stuff. I have indeed heard of Red Rum, my father has a print of Susan Crawford’s We Three Kings that I have grown up around I am sure you know of the painting, but yes sadly his races were before my time. I am sure Niko would be delighted to hear he reminds you of Red Rum, it must have been wonderful to lead him how did it come about?

Mary, oh yes I think it is nice and comfy let’s just hope he doesn’t mind me dressing him up in all this fur.

Sherri, I really like fury nosebands they look good and they make things comfy for your horse a win win.

Julie, glad you like Niko’s new look.

Margaret, yes the numnah’s piping is nice, as for my turn out this is not Niko’s show turn out so I would just be in everyday wear when riding him as he is in the photos.

Carol, thanks for stopping by and following, hope you like the blog.

Andrea, glad you like the stuff, your new things sound very nice I still have some bandages I need to show in a post.

Debi, no I have a long way to go before I head off to a show I don’t want to be the one that falls off! I like the fur but Niko can’t wear it to a show so he will hopefully have a completely different look when the time comes for shows, this is just for everyday riding.

Margaret said...

ha ha, Edward. I was just giving you a hard time... Sometimes I go to the barn in old clothes and the stuff I just bought my horse is so "pretty". I can't say I always look pretty - especially since I make myself wear the "ugly" helmet :P :)

allhorsestuff said...

These ate neat tack additions! Black is the new natural~

I have a sheepskin girth cover I adore. It comes in very handy in the wi.yet after I trace clip the mare, and het girth area is so sensitive.
The "shadow roll" fleece is noseband also comes in handy when I want the mare to not spook at ocean waves, or logs I'm jumping. And don't ya just feel like it luxury for them!

Love the cotton pad too...I toy with the idea of ordering one in white with red and blue piping. Our signature colors for the USA.