Sunday 4 September 2011

Wintec Rear Riser Saddle Pad -Review

Now that I have had some more time to use the Wintec rear riser saddle pad I think it’s time to give it a review.

The Wintec pad fitted to Niko’s back well and was easy to fit, it was held in place nicely after I had put his saddle on and there was no slipping, it did show more than I had thought it would, it isn’t the nicest looking pad out there.

Niko before being ridden, not too impressed.

But when I mounted I was pleasantly surprised at how much comfier it was, I was a little higher than normal with pad under the saddle which was nice, as we got going I found the pad made everything a lot comfier and less bumpy but without restricting Niko’s movement.

The rear riser has two thicker pads at the back where the horse’s back is weaker, it helps to absorb shock and reduces pressure on the back, but that wasn’t why I got it as after all it’s Niko’s withers that have been being rubbed, so the question is did it work.

Niko after being ridden, quite impressed.

The Wintec rear riser saddle pad has indeed stopped any rubbing on Niko’s withers, this is a great saddle pad that has worked really well and is very comfy too. This saddle pad is ideal for use on horses with high withers or sway backs, and is also useful for horses with little to no top line while they are building it.

All in all very good pad I am happy to have it, and I am sure Niko is too.


Margaret said...

I so appreciate tack reviews. I am waiting for my Parelli Theraflex Pad for my Western saddle to arrive. I will be riding dressage (english) as well, but am starting out with what I know. I will keep this Wintec rear riser in mind if I hear someone needs help around the stable. Nice review and photos. Too bad they don't have it in black or brown to match the saddles...

RDA Pony Tales said...

Great news Edward! The pad seems a great problem solver so I am glad it has worked. I wouldn't worry too much about what it looks like as all that matters is Nikos happy face :) I will be doing a post soon about Spotty and the bean bag problem. I have offered to look after my friends three horses while she is on holiday so may do a post on her horses too. Just need time to take pics and write post now. Oh look... another long comment! (glad you don't mind them... Thanks!) Abby

Achieve1dream said...

Hmm very interesting! I'm glad it helps. My guess is the reason it helped with the wither rubbing is because the tree was too wide and the pad bridged the gap. If it also levels the cantle with the pommel that's great too because it helps with weight distribution and back soreness. Very cool product. Thanks for sharing.

P.S. Those are just guesses because my mind likes to try to figure out how/why things work. I know next to nothing about saddle fitting, but that's what makes sense to me. Not trying to be a know it all and I'm definitely not saying to take my word for fact. Just guessing and speculating out loud. :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm glad the pad worked out for you and Niko. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

allhorsestuff said...

Excellent review/photos! ;)
In fact the side view gave me a view of the saddle's seat and it actually appears more level . Is like to see it on, at that same.location w/o the riser. I think if you put a stick of chap stick on it would remain central to the right balance point- with that riser! No wonders its more compy, you probably were able to stay balance over your leg easier! That is a win win for horse and rider.
Ya know, I'm going to try your plan too.

I tried my sheepish half pad, but it set the saddle up too high and it hurt my back and changed my angle.
Thanks Edward, your nice review, may be the way to go for us

Edward said...

Thanks for the comments every one.

Margaret, glad you like reviews hope they will be of help. Yes I would have preferred a different colour still it works so that’s fine by me, I hope your pad works well too.

Abby, yep it sure is a great problem solver I really do like it, and yes you are right looks don’t really matter as long as it works I still need to get a new saddle but need to wait till he has more top line then fit one. I’ll be looking forward to your new posts.

Achieve1dream, feel free to speculate out loud after all that is partly what comments are for, I know a little, and when I say a little I really mean that, about saddle fitting, and you are correct the tree was too wide due to loss of top line and the pad did indeed bridge the gap, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Grey Horse Matters, thanks for checking out my blog, I wanted to follow your blog but I am useless with blogger and can’t find out how, I will try again soon.

KK, yes I think it is more level now and yep it sure is a win win I was very happy with it, if you do try the pad hope it works for you. Do you want me to do a post with photos of the saddle with out the pad and photos of the saddle with the pad? If you do let me know and I’ll try to get some shots ASAP.

allhorsestuff said...

Yea that post would be interesting for should.

Well, I rode in the hot weather yesterday, knowing that is have a good sweat pattern to see. Drat.
:(.....the pressure is still there with the relief pad, like yours. I'm going to try my sheepskin correction pad once more now.

AC Quigley said...

Fantastic news that the saddle pad works! You should be more relaxed riding Niko now, knowing that there's no damage being done under the saddle. It's a good feeling when things work and meet our expectations!

Anonymous said...

This helped me so much! thankyou