Monday 8 August 2011

Finally Clean

I have finally got my saddle all cleaned up, shame it show’s up all the other damage a lot more, last time I cleaned my saddle I had quite a lot of difficulty getting some parts clean , but this time it has been no problem with Chesfield’s Multipurpose. The amount I go on about these products anyone would think they were sponsoring me, but no they aren’t I just really like the products.

Anyway back to the saddle, it’s now nice and clean with a healthy dose of saddle soap to keep it soft and supple, next I plan on getting my bridle clean and then shortly after I will give my saddle another clean, I think it’s probably best if I keep on top of my tack cleaning this time, easier said than done for some.


Sherri B. said...

Wow that is some improvement...looks great!!

Oh yes, staying on top of the chores, easier said than done...Let me know if you find the secret to it, haha!

allhorsestuff said...

Good job!
Doesn't that feel good...looks smart Edward! ;)

The deep clean does not come often for me but I do wipe all leathers down
- EVERYTIME- after a ride with the handy " Lexal" conditioning wipes. I have containers in the trailer and tack locker.
You're inspiring me to get to the deeper clean~

Edward said...

Thank you both for the comments

Sherri, ha I wish I could discover that secret, but sadly I don’t think I will, I am useless with keeping up with all the stuff I need to do, oh well.

KK, yep it sure does feel good, it’s a shame how quick tack gets dirty, wiping the tack clean after riding sounds like a good idea, I might take a look on the web to see where I can get some and for how much.