Tuesday 23 August 2011

Pearly Whites

Like planned the vet arrived on Monday to take a look at Madeline’s teeth, we don’t know if Madeline has ever had her teeth rasped before but she was still very good about it all. She has had quite a bit done on her mouth now, but will be seeing the vet again in about two weeks time to have a finish up done, we didn’t have it all done there and then because we didn’t want Madeline getting too stressed out, she was good about what she did have do so we were very happy with her.

In other news Niko is now sound in all gaits, touch wood, as you can see he wasn’t too impressed with me tacking him up and then standing there taking photos, and to show his distaste he is doing his seaside nag impression, but despite the look he was very good for me when I did ride.

So all is going pretty good.


Sherri B. said...

What a brave girl Madeline, good job!
Niko's ears look funny like that, is that how he puts them when he's not very pleased?

RDA Pony Tales said...

Hello Edward, I have really missed your posts! Your horses and ponies are looking very well since I last saw them and I am so glad that hooves and teeth are all sorted now :)
I have to say that your plaiting from a previous post is VERY good considering you have not had much practice, so WELL DONE! Although I am back to blogging, life is still a bit full on so my comments may be a bit here and there, but will catch up when I can. Hope you have had a great summer. Kind regards, Abby

Mary said...

I am glad Madeline was a good girl for her rasping, I'm not sure if I would like that much. I hope she feels better for it.

Daisy said...

It's always nice to hear that "all is going pretty good!"
Glad Madeline's dental check up went well.
The look on Niko's face in the photo is so funny - love it!

Edward said...

Thanks every one for your comments.

Sherri, yep Madeline sure is brave, apart from Murphy she is probably the bravest one of are equines, and as for Niko he normally does that when he is starting to go to sleep, if he’s not very pleased he normally puts his eras right back and pins them down against his head.

Abby, I have missed reading your posts to so I’ll be looking forward to more of them, and it’s quite alright if you don’t get the time to comment. I have been practicing plaiting more since then but am still not very good, I did Tipper the other day he was much better about it than Niko.

Mary, no I don’t think Madeline liked it much by the look on her face, and yes she does feel better for it, she seems to be eating even faster now, not that she needs to be eating any faster, as she is already quite round.

Deanna, yes I am just enjoying being able to say all is going pretty good, glad you liked the photos, Niko sure can do some funny faces.

AC Quigley said...

Glad the dentists visit went well. It's so important to have their teeth checked and so much better if the horses are relaxed about it. We need to get ours seen very soon but they usually behave so it's not too worrying!

allhorsestuff said...

Good news for the Your mare Madeline! I am going to look into a more natural way to have my mare's teeth done this year...our vet does a fine job but the sedation and the power tools make me cringe.

Niko, in that photo, cracked me up! Happy sounding ride though...hope your Dressage lessons are very good and you like thinking about it all!
If you ever like to read about dressage thoughts and such, a man called ERIK HERERMANN "The Dressage Formula" is truly an inspiration to the way he approaches each horse and the fact each isd a uniquie athelete able to give differently because of conformation .
He examples 4 horses in the book, all different breeds and conformations. It is Excellent for photos and correct work, at all paces!

I am excited to hear more of your work with(Niko?) in dressage.

Edward said...

KK thank you for the comment.

Luckily Madeline didn’t need to be sedated and when our vet did her teeth they only used a file by hand no power tool, I know some vets do things differently but this one was pretty much as natural as it gets when it comes to equine dentists.

Thanks for the heads up on the dressage book sounds good. At the moment I have no real idea what I am doing in dressage I will be doing some on Niko when I get more of a feel for it but at the moment I am learning on a horse called Spike.