Wednesday 24 August 2011

Worming Time

Yesterday we wormed all the horses and ponies, here’s Madeline having hers she was ok but didn’t really like the new wormer I think it must have tasted worse than normal as she did try to waste a lot of it.

When we are worming the ponies we have to give them a smaller dose so as not to harm them.

And here is Murphy taking his wormer like a good boy, no fuss from him, but we did have a bit of trouble with Tipper which is why there are no photos. He wasn’t bad it’s just he is scared of syringes, so when he saw the wormer he ran away, but he got over it after a buck and then let me catch him and give him the wormer.

Niko took his wormer very nicely as always and we had no problem with him, he is always happy to stand and let you get on with it.

Here’s another one of Niko taking his wormer, he is showing what a good boy he is and that he has taken all his wormer, well apart from the stuff round his lips but that was soon gone too.

And finally here is little Pip he was so easy to worm and so nice about having it done. All in all it was very successful, Madeline did scrape my hand a little bit which I was slightly worried about at the time. I am not sure why Tipper is scared of syringes probably more mistreatment from his former owners. But he really is starting to trust me which I am very happy about.

Oh and in other goings on I am having a dressage lesson tomorrow, with an instructor I have never had before, and I have not had a lesson in long long time so this should be interesting.


RDA Pony Tales said...

It is always nice to get the worming out the way without too much bother. You are probably right about Tipper and his previous owners. I always wonder what horses have been subjected to when they run off at the sight of something that should not bother them. He will soon learn to trust you but it can take time. I am going to have to desensitize Spotty with bean bags (it is a long story!) after a girl fell off him doing games :(
It looks like you made good progress getting Pips winter coat out at last, it does not seem to look as thick in the picture of him.
Hope your hand is ok after the incident with Madeline.
Kind regards, Abby

Sherri B. said...

My dogs bite down so I can't open their mouth so I bought a dropper, like yours but only a lot smaller and I put it in the side of their mouth like you do with the horses. Pretty soon I see them have to swallow whether they like it or not...the medicine goes down the trap..yea!!

I'm sure you will do fine with your lesson, just like riding never forget.

Achieve1dream said...

Your horses and ponies are adorable. :D Thanks for following my blog. I'm following yours now too. Good luck and have fun at your lesson!

Edward said...

Thank you all for your nice comments

Abby, yes it’s always good knowing that you don’t have to worry about the worming for a while. You said about needing to desensitize Spotty with bean bags, I am intrigued if you get the time I would love to hear the story, I hope the girl that fell off was ok.
And yes I did finally get to Pip’s summer coat with your tips, but sadly the ponies are already starting to grow back winter coats, there’s just no winning sometimes.

Sherri, I do enjoying hearing these little snippets about your dogs and I was just wondering how many dogs do you have and what breeds are they? I am just curious. Ha sort of funny you should say it’s like riding a bike, I could never ride a bike with out falling off. All the things I am going to be learning in my lessons will be new to me, but I am sure I won’t forget it just like riding a bike :)

Achieve1dream, thanks for stopping by and following my blog I hope you enjoy it, and thanks I did have fun with my lesson.

allhorsestuff said...

You reminded me to -write a note to self-pick up poo sample/take to vet today- from Pantz!!

In the states now, the vets have become aware of resistances brought on by over worming. Ivermectrim(sp?) is almost worthless has no effect on the worms- they have become resistant to it.
So now, the vets are doing "Fecal Sample" testings. For $18, you can have 2 poo samples tested within 1 week of each other.
The first is to show the count and to allow the vet to see WHAT is in there and sluffing. THEN they recommend the dose and the brand of wormer for your particular horse's needs. Then- they do another test, to show it was effective.

We only worm twice a year now. I love that!

Edward said...

KK thanks for the comment.

That sounds like a heck of a lot of trouble to go to just to get your horse wormed just as well you only have to do it twice a year, glad my post helped to remind you.

allhorsestuff said...

The vets figure, better to collect the poo and worm- exactly - for what the horse has. It keeps them able to be healthier towards it all and avoid getting them overdose and low resistance making them comic due to worms that can't be eliminated.

allhorsestuff said...

Oops- colic-