Tuesday 24 May 2011

Play Time

It seems that Murphy and Pip are the best of buddies. Today they have been play
fighting, it looks a bit rough but no ponies were harmed in the making of this post. I’ve got to say I have never seen Pip pull a face like that, he looks very goofy.

And then it was time for a bit of wrestling, Murphy didn’t really stand a chance wrestling with Pip. Pip is about the same size as Murphy but he is a lot chunkier then Murphy, as you can see here Murphy is doing pretty well.

Oh it pays to be BIG, as you can see Pip just squished poor Murphy, it surprising how rough they are, they both ended up on their knees trying to wresle one another, but they were soon up again.

Murphy then decided to stick to what he was good at BITEING! But they were both quite gentle with their bites, so luckily no bald patches.

Wait there might be food. There was no food this was Murphys’ feed bucket from his morning feed, but he stopped play fighting just to make sure he had eaten all of it. Pip waited patiently for Murphy to finish.

As soon as Murphy had finished it was back to it, I think Pip would make a very good guard pony, as he normally aims for the neck, funny little chap.

But poor Pip had just about had enough, who wouldn’t run from Murphy in a fight, he might be small but he is a vicious pony!

And then all the play was over, when they got too close to Madeline she told them off, and that was that play time over.

Thank you all for the comments on my last post.

Michelle, I would probably have left a wasp, but I quite like bees they can be sort of sweet looking, in an odd way, especially bumble bees.

Connie, let’s just hope there will be no need for any more bee saves.

Abby, don’t worry your comment was not rambling, it was very interesting. The bee was very good about having its’ photo taken, good that you liked the photos. I think that the field of young horses is probably very likely to have been what set him off, Murphy is always starting trouble with Niko and Madeline by messing about.

Sherri, glad you like the photos, and I hope your husband likes them too.


Anonymous said...

I am having problems leaving comments but since you allow 'anonymous' I think I will be able to.

Leave it to a woman to tell the boys to "Stop horsing around"! hahaha!

Sherri B.

RDA Pony Tales said...

Pip and Murphy remind me of two naughty children and Madeline is like their mother telling them off for being too rough playing with each other. You have captured them really well on camera and I think it is a really great post. Abby

Debi said...

I know you can't wait to get your saddle back. We just dragged our riding ring. My daughter just took a group of 4H's for district competition. She doesn't get to compete with them anymore. She usually goes to the "C" shows. I will check back with you. Debi