Thursday 11 August 2011

Getting To the Root of It

If you were to walk though our paddock you would probably notice that lots of the ground has been dug up, but who or what is digging up the paddock, rabbits maybe, or a dog perhaps dogs dig holes right, but no it is none of those things, so what is it?

Oh why did I not think of the pony, yes that’s right little Murphy has been caught red handed digging up the paddock, but why would he do this you say, well I will explain, sometime ago I did a post about stinging nettles and how the horses enjoy them, well it seems they have a taste for the roots as well.

Murphy will spend lots of his time foraging and digging up stinging nettle roots, the roots contain lots of minerals that will benefit Murphy’s health, plus he seems to be very content wondering around digging up roots so I have no problem with it.

Here is a photo of Murphy with his prize, a tasty stinging nettle root, Murphy works hard digging and searching for the roots and I think this is a treat well earned.


Debi said...

That is very interesting. Never heard of that. He seems to be busy digging up your pasture to find what he likes. That little devil!!

Mary said...

I like a horse that knows what he wants. he must be pretty smart. Too bad he's tearing up the pasture.

Sherri B. said...

It seems they know what is good for them and go after it like gang busters! Our dogs do an odd thing also, they eat dirt! They find just certain spots on the grass and bite and scrape it with their teeth and act like it is delicious. The only thing I can figure is maybe the minerals that they need...One problem though, they come out with me when I hang the clothes on the line and they have a favorite 'hole' that they eat on while I'm busy..I have almost broke my leg several times!

Edward said...

Thank you all for the comments.

Debi, I didn’t know they would eat roots until I saw Murphy eating them he is the first one I saw doing it, he sure does like his food.

Mary, I don’t mind him making a mess of the pasture as it’s not like we have a lot of grass left anyway, and if it is good for him then I like to let him do it.

Sherri, most animals really do know what’s good for them, so I think it is best to let them get on with it, but do take care not to go falling down that hole.

Achieve1dream said...

Silly Murphy! At least he knows what is good for him. :)