Tuesday 26 July 2011

Part Two-A Job Well Done

I said I would show you all how the rest of the equines got on with the farrier so here it is. The farrier has successfully removed Tipper’s shoe and trimmed his hooves a bit too, here is a photo of his front hooves now the shoe has been removed, his hooves are a lot more even. The farrier tells us that Tipper has good hooves but they need time to recover from racing, but give him time and he will have a nice set of hooves. Now that Tipper has seen the farrier and all went well, and he got lots of treats, he is a lot less worried about having his feet picked up, he is still not good about it but he is not as bad so I am very happy with all that.

Now take a look at these sweet little hooves they are of course Murphy’s, he has had a full trim and I think it looks pretty good. Murphy was as good as gold and it was his first time to have the farrier that we know of. Ponies really are just so easy, they are good about nearly everything, so all was well with Murphy too.

And of cause I really need not say, as I am sure you all already know, Pip was very good about it all and was absolutely no problem, he had a full trim. So all in all, very good farrier and very good day.

Wow now I really need to do a post that doesn’t just have lots of hooves in it.


Ashley said...

Just found your blog! Excited to read more...I've enjoyed it so far :)
~Ashley @ www.theprocessoflearning.com

Debi said...

Its a wonderful day when they all behave. Good job. Debi

Sherri B. said...

The hooves look great, so nice that you have someone dependable to do it now!