Saturday 9 July 2011

Some of The World’s Greatest and Extraordinary Horses

Here are some of the world’s most impressive horses. And here is my favourite one, his name is Luscombe Nordram, and he stands 20.1 hands high, weighing about the same as a small car he is truly a giant, but there’s more he is only five so is still growing, he won’t be fully grown until the age of six or seven. That is going to be one BIG horse.

And here is another giant among horses, he’s name is Poe and he stands at 20.2 hands high, and weighs 200 stone, he eats two bales of hay a day, 10lb of grain and drinks 75 gallons of water, I believe Poe is 10 years old so has no more growing to do, just as well really he must cost a heck of a lot to keep.

Here is something a bit different to the ones you have just see, his name is Cigar, ring any bells if not let me explain. Cigar is a famous racehorse with a breathtaking consecutive win streak of 16 races, he was foaled on the 18th of April, 1990, and is now retired, he retired as the leading money earner in Thoroughbred history, he’s earnings were a grand total of $9,999,813, now that’s a racehorse.

Now here’s an odd one I think you can probably guess what is special about her. That’s right her tail is the longest in the world, her name is Summer Breeze and with her amazing 12ft 6in long tail, she is recognised by the Guinness Book of World records as having the longest tail in the world, she is 11 years old, her mane is also very long, but had to be controlled to stop her chewing it with her food, she must take a long time to get ready for a show.

And last but not lest Einstein, one of the world’s smallest horses, he might be small but he is just as famous as the others. Einstein is just 20inches tall, and is apparently the smallest horse ever recorded to survive.

Einstein is so amazing because he doesn’t seem to have any characteristics of a normal dwarf, and is just a very small horse, Einstein cannot be officially recognised as the world’s smallest horse until he is 4 years old, but his owners believe he has stopped growing, so it is just a matter of time.

Well that is about all for now hope you enjoyed seeing all those very special horses.


Mary said...

Great post! beautiful horses. I haven't heard anything more about Einstien since he was born, do you know of any updates? I would enjoy seeing updated pictures of him.
I can't imagine trying to feed those two huge horses up top there. Impressive indeed!

Debi said...

Very interesting information. As for the largest horse, I bet his feet are the size of dinner plates! Can you imagine cleaning that? Debi

Sherri B. said...

Thank you for this very informative post, since I know so very little about horses, it was all new to me. The smallest horse standing next to the bigger one is really amazing..Wow!

Autumn Mist said...

Goodness me, where did you find these? Amazing! I'm not sure which I liked best, the huge guys or the tiny little thing. Wouldn't you want to pick it up and cuddle it, though? And how on earth do they cope with that mega long tail? What do they do with it in the winter?

Edward said...

Thank you all for your comments.

Mary, I think Einstein is now a yearling, I believe he visited Good Morning America in Time Square, New York, I think as a sort of celebration for his first birthday.

Debi, yep I bet the farrier has a hard time doing their feet, I wonder if they charge extra.

Sherri, yes it is a nice photo, makes me want to keep miniature horses, still I think it’s best I stick with normal sized horses.

Autumn Mist, it took some searching but I found them all on the internet. Yes you would want to pick him up, there are videos of his owners carrying him out to the paddock, very sweet, as for the tail I believe they have to tie it up lots of the time.