Wednesday 13 July 2011

A Confession

I have a confession to make, sometime ago I said that cleaning my saddle was my next task but it never got done. But there is a reason for this, my father bought a harness and bridle for Pip. As you can see in the photo Pip has tried on the bridle but has yet to try the harness.

Now you are probably wondering why this stopped me cleaning my saddle, so I will explain. It is very, very, dirty so instead of cleaning my saddle I did a bit of the harness, sadly at the moment everything in quite busy here so I am having a bit of trouble getting anything clean.

Here is another photo of Pip wearing the bridle with blinkers, I think he looks pretty good, of course he won’t be doing any work in his new tack, he is way too young to be driven, but it will help him to get used to wearing all that sort of stuff, I might try it on Murphy as well.

Anyway that is it for now hopefully I will be able to find time to blog a bit more consistently.


Debi said...

Was he pretty calm putting all that on him? He looks snazzy!! Debi

Sherri B. said...

I do believe that Pip fancies himself quite handsome wearing the bridle with blinkers..he thinks he will get used to them very fast.

Mary said...

I think Pip looks very smart in his new rigging! I finally had the time to read back to your earlier blogs. I had some questions about your horses ages and a few other things and it was nice to catch up. Have you got Pips nipping under control yet? The little stinker, my pony would give me the occasional nip and it hurt, but he soon learned that wasn't a very good idea...
Also, Fred just turned 3 March 13, and he is still extrememly playful he and Buddy give me loads of entertainment on a daily basis. Buddy is 9 now, he is as playful as ever.

Edward said...

Thanks for the comments everyone.

Debi, yes he has been very calm about having the bridle and blinkers on, luckily there isn’t much that upsets Pip.

Sherri, oh I am sure he will get used to them very soon, and yes he probably does think himself quite handsome with his bridle and blinkers, he’s such a nice little chap.

Mary, yep Pip is no longer a nipper, this may sound a bit mean but if they bite me I normally pinch their muzzle to show them not too, and I was just wondering how you showed your pony not to bite you? No wonder Fred is so quick on his feet, I had no idea he was so young I am sure he and Buddy must be a lot of fun to have around.

Mary said...

I was able to stop the nipping just like you have. Swift and firm. Then move on. I had to show him I was "bigger" than him first in order to gain the "top of the herd" status in his world. (not an easy task with a Shetland pony) I did finally prevail.

I have so much fun watching Fred and Buddy romp. they are characters.

Kregel Homeschooling said...

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