Sunday 3 July 2011

Forty Years Old and Still As Good As New

When my Mother was a child she bought this hoof pick from the Horse of the Year Show, she didn’t have a pony then but she wanted one. She never got her pony and the hoof pick lived in one of the kitchen drawers up until I bought Niko then it was time for the hoof pick to do its job again. This is the only hoof pick I have used I look at the more modern ones and they all look so sharp, some do have a handy brush on one end, but I like this one and as you can see it isn’t the sort of hoof pick that will be breaking any time soon. This maybe isn’t the most interesting post but with so many equines I use the hoof pick so much I thought I would do I post about it.

But I have more to ramble on about before I go like how all the horses and ponies are doing. First of all I have stopped cleaning Tipper’s wound and I am now just leaving it to heal up which it is doing nicely. Niko has now lost a shoe as well as Tipper, the farrier should come in three days time. Pip’s summer coat is starting to show in places. Murphy and Madeline are now eating in a separate part of the paddock for most of their meals, because they are the two most dominant, everything is a lot more peaceful like this, and it allows us to keep a better eye on how much haylage Murphy eats. Well that’s about all. Oh and I did my new header that has already been criticized by my older brother, but oh well I can always change it later.


Mary said...

Don't listen to your older brother, I think it looks great! It's a little sad that your Mom never got to use the pick on her own horse, I am glad that it is getting good use now, and nope, it doesn't look like it will break any time soon.

OK, I give do you center the picture in your darn header, I've been going crazy here trying to get it right. Do you mind sharing your secret?

allhorsestuff said...

Hummmm, my comment went away...I'm gonna see if it went through by coming back later...

allhorsestuff said...

Like this post Edward, you always entertain, make me smile and show or tell best things..hey, if it had to do with's great in my book.

That is the coolest hoof pick ever! Yea, I love the brush kindbut that iron one is so special. I too am sorry your ma never got to use it! Is she still alive ? Be neat if she came and picked a hoof with her pick!

I'm glad you decided to separate the horses for.meals . That is really wise stable management. Also glad Tipper is healing nicely~

Sherri B. said...

I think your new header is so cool, I even showed it to my husband right away, as soon as I saw it...You know how big brothers are, they can be negative at times, don't pay any attention!

That is so nice that you get to use your mothers pick, I'm sure that she is pleased that you get to use it on your horses even though she never could.

It sounds like everything is going well with all of the horses, except the shoe problem, but it sounds like that will be fixed soon.

Thanks for always coming by my blog and leaving such lovely comments, I do enjoy them.

RDA Pony Tales said...

Hi Edward, I am probably stating the obvious here, but I presume your header is a special effects picture of Niko & Tipper?... it is very good anyway! I know your brother will probably want to give you help and advice, as he is older than you (my older sister still has an opinion on everything I do) but I think you should stick with what you want on your own blog. Does your brother have his own blog?
Like your Mum, I also had no pony when I was young, but still purchased a few items of grooming kit including a hoof pick. I so wish I still had it, as like the one your Mum bought, they seem to be so much better than the hoof picks around today.
Pleased to read Tipper's wound is healing up, and it will be nice to see Pip's summer coat at last (what a furry boy he is!).
Hope all goes well with Tipper and the farrier.
Have a good week. Abby

Edward said...

Thanks for all your comments on my last post.

Mary, don’t worry it isn’t as sad as you may think, she never got to use it on her pony as she never had one, but she can use it on her own horse, my Mother owns Madeline the black mare on my blog. As for the header I don’t think I will be much help but I will tell you what I did, I just chose the photo from my computer then I clicked the box that says shrink to fit and it just put it centred, but I think it also has something to do with the blogger template so it might not work on your one sorry I can’t be more help.

KK, not sure what was going on with your comment please let me know if you have anymore problems. Yes my Mother is still very much alive and can now use her hoof pick that she has kept for so long to pick out her mare’s feet, Madeline is my Mothers horse. Separating the equines for meals makes it all a lot easier and there is never any fighting over the food now, I think we probably should have done it a lot sooner. I am glad you liked this post thanks.

Sherri, thanks I am hope your husband liked the header too, I am sure my Mother is very pleased I am using her hoof pick probably because I also pick out her horse’s feet for her, yes luckily my Mother can use her hoof pick as she is still alive. Yes mostly everything is going well something is really bugging me but that is another post. I love reading your blog and will always stop by.

Abby, yes my header is of Niko and Tipper, Niko is the one on the left and of course on the right is Tipper, but I can understand why you may need to ask when I was adding the effect I did think maybe it was a bit too hard to make out who they both were, but I am glad you like it. No my brother doesn’t have a blog that I know of, I am sure he doesn’t mean any harm, but yes I think I will keep things the way I and my followers like them so please do feel free to say if you don’t like something. Oh and thanks you for the help on Pip’s winter coat I haven’t yet given him a bath but I have been doing quite a lot of grooming, I will have to put some photos of his summer coat on my blog. I think it is a good idea to buy stuff for your equine just in case you do get one when you are young, I never had a horse or pony when I was young I am sorry you never got an equine when you were young, but at least you have Spotty now.

Sorry to all for going on so much I seem to have a problem about typing I just can’t seem to stop see! I am also sorry if my post was misleading I didn’t mean to make it sound like my Mother had passed on.