Sunday 31 July 2011

Poor Pip

Today has been another good day, I lunged Niko and he went well again, also one of my brothers sat on him while I lunged him. My brother is just starting so he just sat on him in walk and did a little in trot, but it all went well. I also did some more jumps with Murphy here is a photo of Murphy and I going over the jump, it’s a small jump I know but I am very happy with him.

Little Murphy got a treat for every jump that he performed successfully, here he is having a fuss and treat. Tipper is standing behind Murphy looking quite hateful, he too did some work just the same stuff as yesterday but I was happy with him, oh and there was one more thing about Tipper.

Yes Tipper did do this, poor Pip has had his bum brutally assaulted, Tipper sure does have some jaws on him, as you can see it’s nothing serous, but it is a good job horses don’t sit down like we do, still I am sure that the haylage will help Pip feel better about it all


Mary said...

Ouch! Poor Pip, at least it looks fairly superficial. Hopefully it heals quickly.

juliette said...

Poor Pip - naughty Tipper. Tipper is like my alligator, Sovereign. I wish they made a "biting" mask like the "grazing masks" they make.

Nice work with little Murphy!

Sherri B. said...

Well, I am shocked at Tipper's behavior! I had no idea that he had it in him, perhaps I needn't feel so sorry for him anymore!

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