Friday 15 July 2011

Tipper Meets the Vet

Just recently we had the vet out to give Tipper a booster which he was very good about, but if you have a vet handy you may as well get them to check out anything that you are unsure about, and that is exactly what we did.

So of cause we asked about his feet and legs, the vet tells us that he is a little sore on his off front but apart from that seems to be ok. We asked the vet if it might cause him pain to pick his feet up because of something, maybe a tendon injury, the vet checked it out and thankfully nothing like that and it is all just sociological, in other words someone has mistreated him, but at least it can be worked on.

Also we asked about Tippers teeth, the baby ones that we were unsure about, they say that the one on his off side should come out by itself but they aren’t sure that his near side tooth will, but they seem to be fine for now, so we’ll just wait and see, if they need to be taken out we will probably have the vet out to do it, if need be.

We spoke to the vet about our plan of trying to get the farrier to take his shoe off, the vet advised we give Tipper some Sedalin to keep him calm while the farrier is working on his feet. The farrier should have already been but they have missed the appointment with us twice now so I am very angry at them, because we were told by the vet to give Tipper the Sedalin one hour before the farrier turned up, which we did and the farrier didn’t show. So we used medication on a horse that didn’t need it and we wasted what we did use, so I am now in angry mode with the farrier and we will just get a different one who can turn up on time. We really need to have the farrier as I had to remove Niko’s last front shoe because it had become loose and I was worried about it causing him harm.

Anyway I am done complaining about the farrier now so I guess that’s all.


Mary said...

Yep, time to switch farriers. I'd be pretty mad too if I medicated my horse for no reason. Hrrrmph! Not good at all.

Sherri B. said...

Oh my! There is no sense in that farrier causing all of this grief and giving the medication when not have every reason to be angry, I am seeing red just hearing about it. You will be better off with a new one.

So nice to hear that Tipper is in better health than you thought and with your love will be 100% before you all know it.

Debi said...

Yea Tipper. I agree, get all your questions answered with one trip of a vet. Sounds like Tipper is in good shape. Finding a good farrier is sometimes difficult. I am very lucky to have such a good one and I always let him know. I hope you will find a good fit soon. Debi